Message from Principal

Shruti Mittal

Welcome to Smile Stones Pre-school.

At Smile Stones, we accept that each progression in instruction is significant. It has been experimentally demonstrated that the pre-school years are the most significant. From about a month and a half to 8 years old, kids arrive at significant achievements that sway their future learning. It is at this phase teachers and guardians establish the framework for kids’ prosperity, both scholastically and by and by all through life.

Little Smile Stones gives a one of a kind, excellent early learning experience for infants, babies and small kids, our ‘Little Diamonds’, in light of the most recent universal research on how the mind capacities and creates in the early years. Our way of thinking envelops both consideration and instruction, encouraging free, imaginative learning and self-assurance in a situation planned explicitly for little youngsters. A solid parent segment permits guardians to watch, record and add to a kid’s learning encounters as the years progressed.

We accept that each youngster is a pearl; exceptional, with boundless potential, prepared to sparkle. Every diamond is extraordinary, with their own gifts, qualities, expectations and dreams. Each merits singular consideration and thoughtfulness regarding draw out their best. This is the thing that Smile Stones endeavors to accomplish.


Shruti Mittal